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          According to local authorities, there is a definite will to improve safety at potentially hazardous spots but the problem is money.
          More than 1,500 firefighters and other teams were fighting the blaze, China Central Television reported.
          14 billion yuan (6 million) worth of Gardasil vaccines in the first year, 1.
          According to the ministry, some senior executives from GlaxoSmithKlines Chinese company colluded with other enterprises to push up drug prices, expand sales and gain an unfair advantage.
          Alibaba has held the annual Nov 11 shopping spree since 2009, and sales this year reached 35 billion yuan.
          The three departments also called for better treatment and mental care for the AIDS-affected children.
          It would have a mandate to fund infrastructure projects in the region, complementing the work of other entities, such as the Asian Development Bank.
          The report also said some chickens were fed antibiotics two days before slaughter.
          ZHENGZHOU - A township official has been detained for stealing expensive garden roses from a roadside field in central Chinas Henan Province, police said on Friday.
          Rescue workers take an injured person to safety, in Wulan county, Qinghai province, Aug 21, 2013.
          A staff member at the Tuanjiecun railway container terminal in Chongqing.
          That has given a fresh impetus to the development of the robotics sector.
          [Photo provided to ]I agree with president Xi that there should be rules on the internet, or some standard that the world should abide to for better cooperation and trade.
          In 2016, major global M&A deals included China National Chemical Corporations, or ChemChina, billion purchase of Switzerlands Syngenta AG.
          Fireworks light up the sky to celebrate the Spring Festival, or the Chinese Lunar New Year, in Changsha, capital of central Chinas Hunan province, Jan 30, 2013.
          Liu Guanguan / for China DailyThe trial followed Tuesdays court proceedings against Nans predecessor, Xie Yalong, on similar charges.
          The results of the investigation will be released to the public.
          It also says that more and more Chinese enterprises have chosen to jointly explore overseas markets and have formed a new mode of complementing each other’s advantages.
          Beijing police arrested hundreds of people overnight over allegations of an online fraud scheme.
          Final 2013 figures arent yet in, but in the first 11 months, services trade expanded 12.
          At the end of 2012, China had 2,134 forestry nature reserves, accounting for 12.
          Well let the criminal justice system do its job, an angry Sanchez told a group of reporters outside the courthouse.
          The publication filled the academic gaps in biodiversity science in both China and Africa, and sparked research interest in African countries.
          The company filed for a nominal billion initial public offering in early May, but the exact size of the float is expected to be much higher.
          Submarine 372 experienced a sudden plunge at a underwater cliff with its main cabin flooded during the mission.
          China Minmetals is expected to become one of the 10 largest in the world once a Peru project it is purchasing part of is completed.
          Already a bill is in Parliament, which will give us the authority to set up such an academy, said Kabando.
          Australia has a good opportunity to take advantage of the initiatives that China is making, by utilising low cost manufacturing, allowing Australian designed and developed products to be competitive globally.
          Greece has been the main point of entry for tens of thousands of migrants who arrive on its shores by sea and mostly continue onwards over land across the Balkan peninsula to richer EU countries further north.
          Sichuan-Tibet Highway.
          Ma Jun, director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, an NGO that researches water issues in China, said the incident has exposed maintenance issues with Chinas water supply pipelines.
          Industrial transfer from east to west will narrow the regional development gap and nurture new growth points amid the economic slowdown, Fan said.
          The State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters said on Wednesday that this years flood season will run from about July 15 to Aug 15.
          That forced Russias central bank to raise interest rates by 50 basis points to 7.
          Quite different from the first generation resident identity cards, the second generation identity cards contain a non-contact IC chip, which enables access to more personal information through electronic devices.
          The rotorcraft named White Swan has made by Jin Shaozhi mostly from parts purchased from nearby hardware stores, Sept 11, 2014.
          Raising the standard will, to some extent, help solve the financial problems of students from impoverished families, Chu added.
          Liu Weiping, governor of Gansu, said that this ancient Silk Road in Gansu extended over 1,600 km, and was known as “the great canal of the world’s culture”.
          A wheelchair-bound man, identified as Ji Zhongxing from east Chinas Shandong province, set off a home-made explosive device outside the arrivals exit of the Terminal 3 at around 6:24 p.
          I thought that I deserved higher pay as I had worked for the company for so long.
          Railway operators and authorities must pay more attention to the operational safety as they continue boosting the rail network, said Xu Guangjian, deputy dean of the School of Public Administration and Policy at Renmin University of China.
          Therefore, the ship has nothing to do with the DPRK at present and it has no responsibility whatsoever as regards the ship.
          He says that religious practices traditionally kept many Chinese from eating beef, but modern chefs and diners are more open to it.
          The report said precipitation levels are likely to increase by more than 20 to 50 percent above normal levels near the northeastern end of the Huaihe River and the Yellow River valley this summer.
          Yang added that about two or three years ago, FDI inflows reached a plateau featuring only small increases or declines.
          The Peoples Bank of China (PBOC) said in a posting on Sina Weibo, Chinese version of Twitter, that it did so through Standing Lending Facility, a tool created by the PBOC to provide a large amount of funding to banks when they face a liquidity squeeze.
          Other major issues include Chinas social management, social stability, environmental protection, the consolidation of the CPCs ruling status, the improvement of the CPCs governance, the fight against corruption, national security, peace in the countrys surrounding areas and the countrys relations with major powers.

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